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What We Do

Sourcing & order follow up

JoZhuMi manages its clients’ entire sourcing process and mitigates the risks they face when producing in China. By combining Belgian/Chinese management with a Chinese team, JoZuMi ensures both quality and competitive pricing.

As JoZhuMi’s operational headquarters is located in Ningbo, close contact with suppliers is maintained at all times. This alleviates the communication, quality and delivery problems many companies face when they decide to source in China independently and from a distance.

JoZhuMi’s professional and reliable team acts as an insurance policy, as it makes certain that problems are swiftly dealt with adequately and that communication remains clear at all times.

JoZhuMi offers:

  • A customised range of branded promotional items in an online catalogue following the latest trends.

  • Access to a large network of quality suppliers to provide our clients with quality products at competitive prices

  • A consistent and reliable service, keeping our clients up to date at every stage of the production and delivery process

  • Constant communication with suppliers to make sure production runs as smoothly as possible and to avoid problems along the way. This permits us to take fast action and bring innovative solutions

We will help you find the perfect supplier for your project and make sure you are upfront aware of all mandatory legal requirements of your products. No afterwards suprises if you put trust in JoZhumi We have the experience in different products item categories such as: electronics, household items, textile, toys & sports, premiums & giveaways, office materials, bar items, ...

Quality control 

Quality and Safety are core values for the JoZhuMi team. We regularly visit the factories in which we produce and constantly communicate with our suppliers to ensure the highest possible standards for a competitive price.

Our quality control procedures take place during the production process and before shipment both by our qualified Quality Assurance and Control professionals and by reliable audit companies. This permits us to quickly fix issues that might arise at any of the production stages and therefore minimize costs for our clients.

On top of a comprehensive and thorough database, our team is specialized in safety issues and makes sure suppliers, production and shipping are all in accordance with the many regulations and European legal standards that exist for each specific product.

By providing these services, all of our clients gain great comfort and win both time and money.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a state of mind.

JoZhuMi is aware that more and more of our customers want goods that are produced without asking too much of man nor planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority at JoZhuMi. We meet the requirments of the EPPA code of conduct (based on the UN code), the core values of sustainable business, and use this to guide us in our relationship with our suppliers and clients.

As our office is on the ground in China, it is in direct contact with our suppliers, guaranteeing the required standards at all times and ensuring better working and environmental conditions at our chosen production facilities. We monitor all of our suppliers’ CSR certificates in our database and therefore know if there are still outstanding Corrective Action Plans (CAP) to be taken, and if new certificates need to be made.

By using the services we provide, our clients therefore gain trust, comfort, guidance and reliability.


JoZhuMi offers a customised, consistent and reliable on-time delivery of products to our customers’ doorstep.

We can ship products DDP or FOB, depending on customer’s requirements.

We are collaborating with well-known and trusted forwarding partners, and we closely monitor the shipment until delivery upon final destination.

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