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About Us

JoZhuMi is the independent sourcing, quality control and logistics company affiliated to European promotional gift company.

The JoZhuMi team manages the entire sourcing process from requests for proposal to production, and from quality control to final delivery.

By merging Chinese staff with European and Chinese management, we provide the best of both worlds: fairly priced products with European standards. We assure reliability and quality by making sure our clients get what they want, when they want it, and by adopting Corporate Social Responsibility as one of our core values. As a result, we are able to mitigate the risks our clients face when producing in China. 

About us : Over

Wei Hua Zhu and Michel Van Bavel have started this company in 2018, after having sold their previous company (The China Office) in 2016.

Wei Hua Zhu is born and raised in China, and moved to Belgium in 2007.

Wei Hua has more than 20 years of experience in international business and export from China to Europe.

She has worked together with several European multinationals.

She is leading the JoZuMi office from Belgian location, and managing this together with the 2 co-workers in China.


Michel Van Bavel has more than 35 years experience in trading and import from China.

His first visit in 1988 to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou opened his eyes, and he immediately saw limitless opportunities.

In Belgium, he was 1 of the pioneers of importing promotional products from China

Together, they are the perfect match for taking care of your productions in China!

Permanently located in China ( Ningbo), we have Gerrard and Jennifer who are taking care of the daily work:

  • Monitoring running productions

  • Performing quality controls during production

  • Making the final quality control before shipment

  • Benchmarking new and existing suppliers

  • Performing factory audits

Both Gerrard and Jennifer are in daily contact with Wei Hua to go over the running projects and actual status of each order/offer.

They have been in this business for 7 years, so they can rely on lots of

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